Do you do body check every year?

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Recently, a friend of mine asked me: What is the supplement that can help Hepatitis A? Actually, my husband has it.

As a wife, I feel the same worry as she does.  Around me, there are quite a number of cases where the wife widowing since 30+.  Some with kids and some no.  Most of their husband died due to sickness especially chronic disease and cancer.  I can feel the pain.

Last week, I went to Kuantan and Temerloh.  On Sunday noon, I had my late lunch in a restaurant in Temerloh.  The lady boss came out to serve us.  After she put the fried keow teow and mihun for us, she sat on the table beside us and started talking to us.  So as usual, I started to talk to her.  She mentioned that, she is very tired of operating the restaurant but no choice to support her kids university education.  Her husband passed away more than 10 years ago when they were 30+. In short, stroke.  He was a popular policeman in the area.  Very commited and helpful. While she explained, I found the reason why.  He has improper lifestyle.  Staying up late.  Too much of meat in the diet.  It happened while he was sleeping, sent to hospital and never wake up again.  I shared with her, if your husband has Lecithin E and Salmon Omega 3, it might not be this bad.  And now, she has serious high blood pressure and heart problem.  I showed her the Salmon Omega 3 that I take.  She used to take before but stopped due to no proper guidelines.  I called her after few days she consumed the Salmon Omega 3 from me.  She was happy that I called.  One more person that I have helped!


Do you do your body check yearly? How well is the ‘machine’ that operates you?  Do you do the proper maintenance to your body, just like you do the 5000km maintenance for your car?

Do it before it’s too late.


Quote of the day

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Passed by a few standing boards in front of the library when going to canteen during lunch time. The above quote with the colorful rainbow, caught my eyes.

Lots of us who has worked for 5 years and more, has slowly go into a mode. Working-holiday-working-send kids to school-working-holiday and working! And we forget of something, which we are ‘forced’ to forget about it.

We have no time, to ‘talk’ to ourself. A time where we could be quiet and alone.

Do you live your life, the way you want it to be? Do you enjoying your life, still?

Live a life with dream. Dream, makes our life meaningful. It makes we feel worth living. It makes us live with a purpose.

And dream, no matter what age we are!

So, what’s your dream?

Am back!

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Hi! Am back!

It’s been more than 2 years I was away busy building my Amway business. I left with the biggest intention that I will be back one day to blog a greater life, we call it a life with style.

I always love to read and write. I wanna live a life of reading and writing. Last time, I used to blog with my laptop. Now I have my wordpress app in my iPad2.

World has changed! A lot! Follow my blog to know the world standard of living. Now, I find the value for me to blog. Last time, I blog simply because I was having too much time.

People said: when we are busy living, we have less time to blog. When we have time to blog, we have less thing to blog.


I always believe that, we create our own history. That one day, we have a great history to talk about to our children or grandchildren.

Life no take 2. Live it to fullness!

UK trip November 2009 – Day 1/2/3

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Been a while I did not update my blog.  However, I would like to blog a bit during this UK trip which would last for a month.  It took me 13 hours flight with MAS from KLIA to Heathrow London.  The journey was comfortable this time compare to previous trip.  Probably due to the Double X vitamin that I took twice along the journey.  It is suppose to keep me ‘activated’ and ‘fresh’ with supplement of multimineral, multivitamin and various herbs in concentrated form.

Dave, the taxi transfer dropped me at Southampton Regent Park office.  Suppose to meet up with Francois and team upon arrival.  However, it was only 700am and I waited for an hour to have Francois in the office.  I was so happy to meet Robert (which I seems not-so-familiar for him now) and Neil! Neil hugged me with just his right arm (yes, he looks a lot bigger now, haha :p) and I appear to be so small.  In just a while, Ian came in and gave me a hug too.  It’s a quick ‘hi’ and ‘goodbye’ to him.  Francois asked me to go back hotel  and offered to send me to the hotel. Such a kind person.

See, the tv can turn to different angle.

Tesco is just across the road. The tallest building at the back is West Quay. See the banner with red white strip? that’s Friday’s.

I was arranged at Novotel, which nearby Ibis hotel that I used to stayed last 2 trips.  However, Novotel is a lot better :p in terms of room and breakfast. I like the TV cause I can turn it to different angle.

Friday night, we went out to the nearby Thai restaurant for dinner.  Visited Mazura’s apartment.  They are having a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge.  However, I was advised to rest for a day first.  Then I may consider to go Portsmouth on Sunday.

Happy to get in touch with James or more well know as Bear who is now in Scotland.  He always called near to midnight, just to find that, I have fall asleep…:p  Hope to visit him one day in Shetland!

Yesterday (which is the 2nd day), I had great breakfast in the hotel (which I think a lot better than Ibis Hotel). After that I stayed in the hotel talking to my dear back in KL, FB, and doing some reading online.  Until Eunice called ard 3pm to go shopping at West Quay.  I got ready and she called again, saying that the wind outside was so strong and she worried that I might have difficulty coming back later.  Well, it’s the best time to experience the strong wind. I walked out the hotel lobby to find out that the wind is really strong. It’s either pushing me backward or pushing me forward. We did some shopping in West Quay and ASDA.

I notice that, after 5hours of darkness, I started to feel sleepy even though it is only 8pm! And I woke up 5am this morning ~.~ Tonight, I will sleep at least 10pm!

After breakfast, I was enjoying the coldness outside the lobby and walking around. We departed from Southampton to Portsmouth ard 9am. We started with some sight seeing and camera.  It’s funny when all the gals outing together.  We would take photo of the same spot for more than 10 times! 😀

After that, we shopped for around2 hours.  Magically, we bought ‘quite a lot’.  I love the Burbery hat but it cost more than MYR300!! I bought myself a sleeveless vest and a pair of boots.

Finally, sending off the gals back to London. I came back to hotel. Trying on the boots and vest. Happy 🙂

New vest from GAP.

See the boots.

Photo of Portsmouth is with the other camera. Will share later in FB.  Tomorrow is Monday, and work starts!

Great People! Great EON-GSC deal! What a great day!

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It’s been a while that I have gathering with old school mate especially those from Convent Teluk Intan.  This morning is such a great one, meeting up with Hoong Ling, who are my senior in Convent. We never really know each other back in school.  Big gratitude to Facebook to link us up! I got to know that, the lady that donated liver to the gal An Qi, is Hoong Ling! Since high school, we have been admiring her for her attitude towards good deed and her activity in St John Ambulance team. Today, she is still someone that am really admire to.  A lady with visions and actions.  We talked about property investment, charity and what else, our ordinary life story!

Hoong Ling, my bad! We suppose to take photo!

After that, headed to brother-in-law restaurant opposite Steven Corner Pandan Indah.  Visited Ryan’s cute little niece and long chat with brother and sister-in law.  Packed noodle for his grandpa at home too.

The 2nd part of the day, I developed the Aunty Yakult’s photo taken on the Potluck day, and sent the photo to her. She was so happy and invited us into the house and have some noodle together with her.  From her, I got to know that there is a job call ‘Yakult lady’ which take care of the home Yakult sales.  Such job has been in Japan for more than 70 years and 30 years in Thailand.  She showed me the conventional Yakult bottle and it was exactly like Vitagen’s bottle!  Due to this, Yakult in Malaysia has different bottle than Yakult in Japan, USA and most of the part in the world.  By the way, the price of Yakult from Yakult lady is MYR3.70, which is 20cents lower than those in the market.  However, the market rate can not be reduced!  So, look for Yakult lady at your area!

After some chit chat, we headed to Mid Valley for movie. Cloudy with the chance of meatballs. 3D.

The great part is, the ticket price! I have received my EON-GSC credit card. The card has certain amount where you could spend it for GSC movie tickets. Ever purchase could have 50% off till the amount given is finished. For ticket above MYR10, you got MYR1 discount.

So, this is the calculation:

((MYR17 * 2 ) – MYR2 )/2 = MYR16 (in total)

Which means, MYR8 for 1 ticket! Compare to the original price of the ticket MYR17!

It was a so-so movie for me. Yeah it’s cartoon and I watched most of the cartoon or anime released actually. Somehow, I dont like the so-called 3D. It’s troublesome to wear the spec and make me dizzy! The subjects do look more ‘real’ and ‘attractive’. But I dont like it still.

Finally, I have something to blog again! It’s been a while that I didn’t do a proper blogging, especially about my personal life.

It’s all due to, what a great day all about!

Root canal treatment

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Finally, I did the root canal treatment.

Bad thing happened last Tuesday. Infection happen to the tooth that had did a big filling last time.  If it wasn’t the technology and skill of Teo Dental, the tooth probably extracted long time back. Teo dentist advised that if the root was healthy, we would want to maintain the tooth to carry on it’s function longer.

The treatment normally requires 3 to 4 visits with interval of a week.  For this particular tooth, I would do a crown for it since the filling is big.

I was too scare and tension and forgot about taking photo. Found a youtube video and it looks similar to what happened justnow.

Endah Villa Mid Autumn Potluck

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Last night was the potluck for my condo, Endah Villa. It’s been a while that Endah Villa doesn’t have such event.  Community event is a great thing for the resident.  A month earlier, there was a notice to invite resident who loves to share food to prepare food.  Of cause, the management did prepare more extra food. There were continental food, halal food, indian food, vegetarian, cakes and drinks.  Besides nice food, we have children art contest and badminton competition in the morning, best costume contest, lucky draw and finally karaoke session!

The garden pathway is full of people.

Best costume contest.

Lucky draw

Rythm of the rain.

Fans club.



The best time to play with fire for kids.

I became the Yakult gal distributing Yakult.